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Ways to Use Coconut Oil in the Kitchen

Coconut oil isn’t just another fat that’s handy to have in the kitchen. Like butter, coconut oil is REALLY GOOD for you!

Coconut Oil is solid. At 92% saturated fat, a good fat, it is the type of fat that contains the strong bonds that are resistant to higher temperatures. This fact makes coconut oil safer to cook and bake with and less likely to attract free radicals.

What to do with this wonderful jar of solidified coconut oil? Do you eat it? Do you take a spoon to it? Do you melt it? Do you spread it on bread? Hmmm! Well to bite into it, you would experience it as a thick chewy pudding. Definitely an acquired taste. Melting it and using it to drizzle on salads or other foods.

Virgin means unrefined. Virgin coconut oil tastes and smells coco-nutty. Virgin Coconut Oil is great for wherever you would like flavour, so it is useful in cooking and in baking. Coconut Oil taste is a mild taste. Coconut Oil has a wonderfully sweet odour, reminds me of my holidays.

To use Coconut Oil as a dairy-free butter substitute, use the ratio of1 cup to 1 cup when replacing butter in recipes with coconut oil. Do the same with lard and in its solid form you can use for greasing pans, pie crusts, etc. Healthy substitute to butter spread on bread or to fry and egg and such.

Coconut Oil is also a replacement for various oils in liquid form to use for baking, cooking, sautéing, and such.

To get rid of goo and gunk like substances, mix equal parts of coconut oil and baking soda into a paste. Apply to the “sticky” area and let it set for a minute. Then scrub off with an old toothbrush or the scrubby side of a sponge.

To remove chewing gum from your hair, rub in some coconut oil and leave for around 30 minutes. Once the time has passed, roll the gum between your fingertips and it should come out immediately.

Coconut oil makes a great Insect repellent. Mix coconut oil with peppermint oil extract and rub them all over the exposed skin. This will keeps insects off better than anything with DEET and is much safer and healthier for you too.

As a cleaner, coconut oil is smashing. Use it to for oiling boards and wooden bowls. Moisturise and clean leather products. Rube a little coconut oil into a cotton pad and wipe down bronze ornaments and such to polish them and to deepen the colour of your bronze. When you add a little lemon juice to your coconut oil, it is fabulous for polishing wooden furniture. Remember to test a small corner first for safety to ensure it works first without damaging.

Coconut oil is a great substitute for seasoning your pans and cleaning your cooking utensils. It is great for lubricating kitchen tools before handling sticky foods. Also spread a little on your knives, forks and even your scissor before chopping up raw ingredients and this will help you to slice much more easily.

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