Ma Devlin’s sells organic coconut oil which has been officially certified, verifying that our facilities comply with the appropriate USDA regulations. As the customer, this gives you the utmost assurance that our products have been organically produced. – But why?

Organic produce, whether it is food, oil or just about anything else, has to have been made in such a way that it is environmentally and ethically friendly – this includes no use of artificial pesticides, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or radiation. Ma Devlin’s organic coconut oil is 100% organic, giving you peace of mind.

On average all coconut oil purchased from madevlins will be dispatched quickly and efficiently and should arrive within 3-5 working days to residents within the UK.

Coconut oil has a huge range of benefits:

Can be used to cook with, put in coffee, consumed out straight out the jar.
Natural Anti-Fungal
Natural Anti-Bacterial
Natural Moisturiser
Strengthens Nails and Hair
Full of healthy fatty acids
Can help with digestion
Can balance blood sugar and improve energy levels

there are hundreds of uses for coconut oil both practically (for cooking, as a moisturisers, as a lubricant) and physically (it’s wide range of health benefits) and as a result it is one of the most diverse food supplements available on the free market.