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Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an awesome product that can be used for many of your beauty needs. It is a versatile medium that works alone as well as in combination with other ingredients. It can be used to prepare several homemade beauty solutions. With this natural ingredient, you do not have to worry about applying dangerous chemicals on your body. Nevertheless you can obtain similar, if not better results.

Let us explore some of the ways in which you can incorporate coconut oil into your everyday beauty regimen.

  1. As a cleanser: The rich and thick nature of coconut oil makes it an excellent cleanser that can remove even the smallest traces of makeup. It will dissolve makeup without leaving a nasty smell, and skin doesn’t feel dry and parched like it does when you use a chemical cleanser.
  2. To make your own home-made body lotion: You can make your own body lotion by mixing coconut oil and beeswax and warming the mix so the ingredients combine. Once it has been cooled, you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for a scented lotion, that you can liberally apply on your skin.
  3. To prepare a natual body scrub: Mix coconut oil with coarse brown sugar for an excellent body scrub. It exfoliates your skin and leaves it moisturized as well.
  4. The remedy for chapped lips: Anyone who suffers from chapped lips in the cold weather can benefit from the use of coconut oil. It is convenient enough to be carried around due to it’s semi-solid nature and using it on your lips adds moisture to it.
  5. Indulge in a soothing oil massage: Coconut oil is the ideal oil for oil massages. Consider adding turmeric for an added effect. This combination has very powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Slather it on, massage it in and leave it on to be absorbed by your skin for half an hour. You can wash it off with soap.
  6. To keep stretch marks away: Every would-be mother worries about stretch marks. Coconut oil cannot remove those that have already appeared. However, if it is regularly used in the first place, it can avoid the formation of stretch marks.
  7. As a hair conditioner: Coconut oil can be used a leave-in hair conditioner that tones dry hair and tames frizz. It is the go-to solution for most of your hair problems.
  8. As an effective teeth whitener: Mix coconut oil with baking soda and use it once in a while to clean your teeth and make it visibly whiter.

This list isn’t a comprehensive one. There are several more options for tapping into the natural goodness of coconut oil. Having a bottle of coconut oil on hand offers you a 100% natural product that can be used to meet several of your immediate and long-term beauty needs!

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