Organic Certified:

Ma Devlin’s sells organic coconut oil which has been officially certified, verifying that our facilities comply with the appropriate USDA regulations. As the customer, this gives you the utmost assurance that our products have been organically produced.

Cold Pressed:

Coconut oil is gathered via the use of heavy granite millstones or modern stainless steel presses, the latter which are usually found in large commercial operations, to crush and grind the coconuts. Despite the pressing process generating heat from friction, it is imperative that the temperature rises no higher than 49°C (120°F). Cold pressed oils are produced at an even lower temperatures, and retain more of the nutritional bonuses, as well as flavour.

Lauric Acid:

Large amounts of lauric acid can be found in coconut oil, and as a medium-chain triglyceride, it is considered to be one of the healthier saturated fats. Being an MCT means that lauric acid can be absorbed by the body more easily, and may even help with weight loss as a result.

100% Organic:

Organic produce, whether it is food, oil or just about anything else, has to have been made in such a way that it is environmentally and ethically friendly – this includes no use of artificial pesticides, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or radiation. Ma Devlin’s organic coconut oil is 100% organic, giving you peace of mind.

Choose Only The Best

Why Choose Ma Devlin's Coconut Oil?

Ma Devlin’s produces extra virgin coconut oil which is completely natural and 100% organic.

During the extraction process, no chemicals are used.

Our coconut oil is also cold-pressed, which means that no heat used during processing.

The main aspect to consider is the taste, and Ma Devlin’s coconut oil has been consistently described by our customers as having the best taste around!

The coconut oil will change depending on the temperature within your home and outside. At approximately 23°C and below, it becomes a thick white spread, but if the temperature becomes any higher then it turns into to a clear liquid. This does not, however, effect the taste or quality of the coconut oil.

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